Introducing the Editor Wizard

By Katie Greene
May 07, 2019 · 3 min read

In the on-going efforts to make our platform for creating visually stunning floorplans as seamless and as quick as possible, we are rolling out a new feature to do just that. In only 5 steps, you can draw, customize, design and lay out an entire room – with exact dimensions and themed décor included. Let’s walk through each simple step in creating one spectacular space:

Step One: Room Shape

In the first step of this new feature, you can select one of the six basic room shapes provided. This gives the designer a general sense of the direction in which they want to take their floorplan, without having to individually draw each wall. You can also rotate, mirror horizontally or mirror vertically for even more simple customization.

Step Two: Room Dimensions

In the second step of this wizard, designers can easily customize exact dimensions of every wall in their floorplan. Color coded sliders allow you to adjust walls to the desired length, or you can manually enter dimensions. One also has the option of toggling between meters and feet. This is one of the most beneficial aspects of the new feature – since very often, designers are re-creating already existing spaces for their clients, and have predetermined dimensions of their spaces in place. Additionally, in step two – designers have the option of moving, duplicating, deleting or adjusting the pre-determined doors and windows in their space.

Step Three: Room Type

Step three is simple – designers can select one of nine room types (living, dining, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office, hallway, balcony or other). This is especially helpful when you have multiple floorplans for your clients, making it quick and easy to determine which space is which.

Step Four: Room Style:

In step four, designers are offered eight different styles of room décor. This is an excellent time saver for creators, since lighting, seating, wall color, floor material and accessories are all immediately added to your space! This step is optional, but highly recommended, as all items can be adjusted removed or changed once you’ve completed all five steps. Currently, the eight options available are:

  • Audrey: a bright, clean, mid-century modern style.
  • Basics: just that – simple, basic, and tidy style.
  • Black Yellow Gray: a very popular color palate, this style is sleek, neat and trendy.
  • Contemporary: interesting, bright and bold style.
  • Country: more natural materials and colors, with farmhouse style furniture.
  • Green and White: another popular color palate, this is the simplicity of white, mixed with the richness and warmth of natural greens.
  • India Colors: an ode to the vivid colors of India; bright yellows, rich mahogany, stylish accessories and leafy plants.
  • Urban: a fun mix of mid-century modern, southwestern, and contemporary – just what you’d find in an urban space.

Step Five: Room Layout:

Using the “Magic Layout” button – you can click through different variations of layouts offered by your previously selected Room Style. Remember, anything you choose can be changed or removed once you’re finished!

There you have it! You can now view your creation in 3D! After this step, you will be brought to the floorplan editor to make changes to your space. Have fun with this new feature, and happy designing!

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