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Digital Twins for non-engineers!

A digital twin is a commonly used term for a virtual model of a physical object. This can be a piece of furniture item, a room, or a complete house or office building.

Floorplanner makes it easy for anyone to create digital twins of their own spaces and keep those digital twins available for later use. Floorplanner has been free for casual use since 2007, which means some of our users have had a digital twin of their house on our platform for over 15 years that they still use whenever they need it.

Example of a 3d render made with Floorplanner.
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Floorplanner is simply

The easiest way to build a Digital Twin of any space!

Digital twins are a great resource when you are planning (or selling products for) a remodel or renovation. It will give you direct answers on the amount of paint you need or if certain furniture will fit. However, making a digital twin is often done with professional cameras that are operated by trained professionals using professional software; this all comes, of course, with a professional price tag.

Floorplanner is much simpler in its use and, therefore, accessible for non-professionals too. Start now and within a few minutes, you'll have built a pretty accurate representation of the room you are in at this very moment.

Example of a 2d render made with Floorplanner.
Compared to other digital twin providers

No training, special hardware, or even software is needed.

Floorplanner simply works in the browser; there is no need to install additional software, apps, or plugins. Simply create a Free account, and you can make as many digital twins as you want for any type of space you need. You can start from scratch, drawing rooms & walls one by one, or you can upload an existing floorplan and have it automatically converted to a fully editable digital twin within seconds.

We also offer a complimentary mobile app for iOS only. This Floorscanner app uses the Lidar camera in the latest iPhones & iPads to scan a room or a complete floor with just your phone within minutes.

The Floorscanner app being used to generate a 2d floorplan.
A trusted supplier for many retailers

Over 50.000 “Digital Twins” of real furniture products

Floorplanner has an extensive library with over 260.000 3D models in all sorts of different categories, ranging from plants to cars to couches. Being the preferred platform for many leading retailers for their design services, Floorplanner offers an extensive collection of actual products with corresponding SKU numbers through our library. The best part is that all our users can access and use these Digital Twins free of charge to make even more accurate representations of their own spaces.

A Digital Twin of a branded chair, shown in many different colors, used within the Floorplanner ecosystem.
OWN your data, prevent lock ins

FML, The data format behind many digital twins

FML stands for Floorplanner Markup Language and is the data format developed and maintained by Floorplanner since 2008. Our format is open and documented and has since been used by many software companies & apps as the basis for their floorplan application.

At any given time, you can export your Digital Twin data as an FML file (XML or JSON) which ensures portability between apps and makes sure you will never get locked in by our platform. Your data is yours!

Frontfacing 3D render of various rooms in a building.
digital twins of real rooms & houses

Used for many millions of properties since 2007

Every day, thousands of floorplans are created on our platform by our partners and individual real estate agents worldwide. Just in The Netherlands, over 50% of all property listings have a Digital Twin made with Floorplanner and there is a good chance that some recent 2D or 3D floorplans you saw or interacted with were originally created on our platform.

We are proud of the fact that all of these projects still work on the latest version of our platform. Even the ones that were created over 15 years ago.

A dollhouse perspective render of a room.
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