Everyone knows that

Homebuyers love floorplans!

Floor plans are an important but often overlooked element of any effective real estate presentation. Research shows that after photos, floor plans are what homebuyers are looking for. However, floor plans are considered expensive, difficult, and time-consuming to produce.

Since 2007, Floorplanner has been used by tens of thousands of real estate professionals to create affordable, great-looking 2D & 3D floor plans for millions of property listings.

A 2d and 3d floorplan example
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BUT did you know that

Property listings with floor plans are simply more effective!

A recent Zillow survey showed that 80% of buyers are more likely to view a home if the property listing includes a floor plan that they like. Other studies consistently show that homebuyers expect floor plans and are less likely to plan a viewing if there is no floor plan available.

Property listings with a floor plan are viewed more & longer, which means that on average they simply sell better than listings without a floorplan. The data shows clearly that, next to good photos, you should invest in providing a good floor plan of a property for sale or rent. However, even in 2023, there are still lots of listings without floorplans.

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working with floorplans?

Save time & money by using Floorplanner.

Lots of the time and costs involving floor plans revolve around making small edits & corrections and delivering the correct visuals in the right resolution and style. Having your floorplans as a digital twin within Floorplanner enables you to easily make small edits yourself, saving you valuable time.

Creating additional visuals in different 2D or 3D styles won't cost you anything extra. With Floorplanner you pay a one-time fee of a few dollars per property, and then you can export as many visuals from this project as needed, anytime you want.

A screen 2d floorplan inde Floorplanner tool, selecing a wall
besides that, with Floorplanner

Floorplans are now easier to produce than ever.

Floor plans have a reputation for being difficult & time-consuming to produce, and that is an important reason they are still underused.

Floorplanner gives you all the tools you need to simplify the production of your floorplans. Out of the box, we offer a set of simple yet powerful drawing tools that allow you to create any kind of floor plan with ease. We also provide ways to automatically convert 2D drawings to editable 3D floorplans, import existing Matterport tours, and even a Free iPhone app (Lidar only) with which you can capture a space simply with your phone and turn it into a floor plan with 1 click.

An image of the Floorscanner mobile app on a mobile phone scanning a room
strengthen your brand

Stand out with great-looking 2D & 3D images.

Floorplanner gives you all the tools to make professional-looking 2D and 3D floor plans at a great price. From clear and informative black & white floor plans to engaging 3D “virtual Stagings” to give buyers a better idea of the space and potential of a property. With a PRO account or higher, you can create your own templates that allow you to change visual details like the color of the top of the walls and add your own logo to every export.

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fair & transparent pricing

Pay only for what you use, subscriptions are optional

With Floorplanner, you pay a one-time fee per property. Once a project is created, there are no additional monthly costs, and your project will be available to you with or without a paid subscription.

All project upgrades and other services on the Floorplanner platform are done via credits. You can buy credits as a one-off purchase, or you can choose one of our paid subscriptions. All our subscriptions give you a certain amount of monthly or yearly credits and also offer some useful extra productivity features for professional users, like branded templates and custom libraries.

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Real estate is in our DNA

Used for over 5 million properties & real estate listings since 2007

Since the launch of Floorplanner, our product has found good use within Real Estate, and we have been supporting & optimizing for this ever since.

Every day, thousands of floor plans are created on our platform by our partners and individual real estate agents worldwide. Just in The Netherlands, over 50% of all property listings have an interactive floor plan made with Floorplanner and there is a good chance that some recent 2D or 3D floorplans you saw or interacted with were originally created on our platform.

A screenshot of Funda using Floorplanner floor plans
beyond real estate

Trusted by millions of consumers and many leading retailers

Over 30 million users worldwide have a Floorplanner account, and every month millions of people use our platform to plan their homes & offices. Our library has over a quarter of a million 3D models, of which more than 50.000 are real products from many of the world's leading retailers.

The broad usage of our platform drives us to further develop our product, keep our pricing fair & transparent, and keep our service stable & reliable. This benefits all our users worldwide, and that is why our usage continues to grow!

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