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Supercharge your (design) service!

Floorplanner has become the tool of choice for a growing number of leading retailers seeking a cost-effective 3D platform for their designers and customers by empowering them to land more & bigger sales while improving customer satisfaction.

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Floorplanner is a

User-friendly 3D platform with a great return on investment

Floorplanner gives you, your employees, and your customers a set of tools to create & visualize (interior) designs that will greatly help your customers see how your products will look & fit in their own homes, offices, or any other type of space. These tools include:

  • A versatile Space Planning tool
  • Professional 2D & 3D floor plan visuals
  • Photorealistic 3D Renderings
  • Interactive 3D tours (VR-ready)
  • Quick Moodboarding with Styleboards
  • A Roomplanner for your site (Enterprise only)
  • and much More...
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it will help your team to

Close more sales & achieve higher average purchase orders

Help your customers visualize their ideas and see how a design fits in their own space by creating a digital twin with ease. It will give them more confidence when making purchase decisions and further build trust with your brand.

This trust and confidence often contributes to a higher likelihood of closing a sale. In many cases, customers may choose to explore more products or opt for higher-quality options, leading to a significant increase in the average purchase order value for sales staff using Floorplanner compared to those who aren't.

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Floorplanner works because it IS

Easy to learn and loved by users that work with it every day

Floorplanner is easy to learn. Anyone can pick up the basics with only a short amount of training. No prior CAD experience is needed, and everything works on your browser and runs in the cloud, so there is no software to install or hardware to set up.

Floorplanner is, however, surprisingly versatile and powerful enough to also satisfy more experienced users who use Floorplanner every day. Many smaller & bigger features have been added over the years, and we continue to improve our platform based on the feedback we receive from our users.

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visuals are important

Make your brand & products shine with great looking 2D & 3D images.

Floorplanner makes it really easy for anyone to create compelling 2D & 3D content within minutes, ranging from detailed floorplans and photorealistic interior renders to immersive 3D tours. Our default settings ensure that any content created will look as good as possible. Content that will come even more to life when they have your own products in them.

Floorplanner can import your existing 3D models to create your own library within our platform. If you do not have 3D models of your products yet, contact us. Our modelling service can create models for you at an affordable rate.

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We like fair & transparent pricing

Usage-based pricing, No hidden fees or lengthy negotiations

Floorplanner is NOT priced as much as many other cloud products with a recurring monthly fee per user. Our pricing is based on a one-time fee per project (or any of our other services). This means that you are only paying for the new projects, styleboards, and 3D tours that your users are creating, not just for their being on the platform. The one-time fee for a project or styleboard includes as many exports as are needed.

All our services are priced in Floorplanner credits. This pricing is transparent, the same worldwide, and easy to calculate for your needs. So no lengthy negotiations or unexpected costs. Larger volume customers can buy credits at a discount via Enterprise Creditbundles.

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leading the market

Trusted by over 30% of the Top 25 furniture retailers in North America.

Our platform is used by a growing number of leading retailers for in-store and virtual consultations. In the US alone, Floorplanner is used for tens of thousands of design consultations every month, and this number keeps growing. Many of the improvements to our platform over the past few years have been made to make life easier for retailers and their designers and sales staff. We believe our platform adds real value to store & design services, and we remain committed to continuous improvements, making Floorplanner a great choice for furniture retailers and manufacturers.

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Beyond retail & manufacturing

Used by millions of consumers and many companies worldwide

Over 30 million users worldwide have a Floorplanner account, and every month millions of people use our platform to plan their homes & offices. Our library has over a quarter of a million 3D models, of which more than 50.000 are real products from many of the world's leading retailers.

The broad usage of our platform drives us to further develop our product, keep our pricing fair & transparent, and keep our service stable & reliable. This benefits all our users worldwide, and that is why our usage continues to grow!

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